Birth and Parenting Classes Sydney

Every pregnancy and every birth is unique. Predicting how your labour and birthing will unfold is generally not possible. From my years of experience as a midwife and supporting women in labour and birth, the key for expectant parents is being informed and prepared.

My antenatal classes are designed to help expectant parents to understand the process of birth and what to expect in the first few weeks with a newborn.

All details within classes provide evidenced-based information and up-to-date practices. However, I also emphasise that preferences to birth and parenting are individual. Rest assured my classes will give you the information you want without bias or judgement on your choices.

Having a small group means the information I give you is tailored to your needs rather than being more generic for large groups.

There is plenty of time for asking questions and opening discussions. In fact, I encourage it.

You will finish my class feeling more informed with increased confidence and decreased anxiety.

Ideally make a booking early so that you can attend classes when you are 30-32 weeks gestation.

I work from my private residence in Randwick – just minutes from the Randwick hospitals campus. My classes are offered as a small group (up to 4 couples) or private as a couple.Health Fund claims are available. Ensure to check with your health fund provider to see what rebates you are entitled to for antenatal education.

If you’d like to make an enquiry, you can do so on our enquiry form or by calling 0409 920 893.



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