Early Parenting & Newborn Course Randwick

It would be so much easier if babies came with an instruction book! I like to keep it simple for new parents. All babies are different; like we are all individuals. They can communicate with you, just not verbally (except crying, of course). My experience as a midwife and a mum means I can pass on all the most relevant information to you as new parents to support you through the important early weeks of settling in with your newborn.

The content of the class:

  • Explore the Fourth Trimester – care for mum, partner and baby and how to navigate your way.
  • Adapting to your new role as a parent; importance of bonding and attachment to your baby and realistic expectations of what your baby needs.
  • Newborn behaviours and characteristics
  • The early days – what to expect and understanding your baby
  • Infant safety and SIDs need to add dot point
  • Discover reading your baby’s cue
  • Daily care of your baby and your baby’s needs: soothing and settling; bathing; swaddling; nappies
  • Baby basics – keeping things simple
  • Breastfeeding – the reality of this skill for mum and bub
  • Resources, help and support in the community

If you’d like to make an enquiry, you can do so on our enquiry form or by calling  0409 920 893.



Parenting (3 hrs)

Small Group

$220 per couple


$350 per couple

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