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Labour & birth classes are the perfect way to ensure you’re fully prepared, knowledgeable and confident as you approach the birth of your baby. It’s best to book your classes early in your pregnancy to secure a class at around 30-32 weeks; this way you have time to prepare and practice valuable skills I teach to take you through your labour.

My classes will provide you and your partner with:

  • What to expect in your third trimester. What’s normal and what’s not; potential concerns that need to be checked; preparing your body for labour;
  • The physiology of labour and birth, including signs and stages of labour; how to know labour has started; using natural hormones of labour to progress; when to call the hospital and when to go to hospital
  • Exploring your current beliefs and understanding surrounding labour and birth and how these can impact the flow of the process. This includes dispelling myths; exploring fears; building positive perceptions; developing your birth preferences
  • The importance of being a Support Partner. Importance of the role, and things you can do to support; learn practical massage techniques; what to do if things get tough
  • Realistic coping skills to use at home and in hospital. This includes creating your own LGB (labour goody bag); how to recreate your sacred space in the hospital environment
  • Pain relief options at the hospital
  • Understanding of what, why and when you may need a helping hand by your obstetrician or midwife to birth your baby. Assisted birth and escalation to caesarean birth
  • The important first hours after birth. Skin to skin; initiating the first breastfeed; vitamin K and hepatitis B recommendations for baby at birth
  • Postnatal recovery and going home with baby

I offer a fortnightly zoom catch-up to see how you are going with embracing the information and practice skills you have learned in class. It’s a great opportunity to ask further questions. It’s part of the preparation process to know you are giving yourself time to absorb the information and create your birth preferences.

If you’d like to make an enquiry, you can do so on our enquiry form or by calling  0409 920 893.



Birth (3.5hrs)

Small Group

$250 per couple


$350 per couple

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