How Do You Improve Your Sleep During Pregnancy? 

Even if you’re extremely tired and a bit drowsy, you might still find it hard to fall asleep. It could be because of the mild pain, discomfort and some worries about this new chapter of your life and the challenges ahead. 

Improving your sleep during pregnancy 

To help you fall asleep or go back to it easily when you wake up in the middle of the night, here are some things you can try: 

  • Sleep-inducing bedtime snack (e.g. banana and cheese that boosts melatonin) 
  • Books and some light TV shows (should be boring or that can help you fall asleep unintentionally) 
  • Warm bath (this can help you relax and feel refreshed after a long day) 
  • Relaxation exercises (e.g. meditation and deep breathing to calm yourself) 
  • Massage 

Pregnancy massage can help you feel relaxed and calm even hours after the session. It has a lasting and lingering effect because you’re feeling good. It also feels that you gave yourself a treat that you deserve. 

Meditation and deep breathing also helps. Notice that throughout the day, we’re being constantly filled and bombarded with thoughts, worries, tasks and responsibilities. We tend to dwell on the past or worry too much about the future. This causes tension to our muscles and bodies, which can last through the night (and make it hard to fall asleep). But with some meditation and deep breathing, we can finally step back, calm ourselves and somehow call it a day. 

Other ways such as reading books and watching some TV might also help. Just make sure that you choose a light and fun one instead of those with mystery, action and suspense. In other words, you have to avoid too much stimulation so that your mind and body will be more ready for sleep. 

You can also have a light snack that boosts melatonin production (such as banana and cheese). Aside from the sleep-inducing melatonin, the light snack can also help you fall asleep easier because it will make you feel less hungry (perhaps hunger is making sleep impossible). However, you should rely less on this because it might lead to overeating. It’s good to try other ways mentioned above (such as pregnancy massage with benefits that can last for hours and even days). 

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