How Often Should You Get a Pregnancy Massage 

If you’re planning to get a pregnancy massage, make sure that the massage therapist knows the pregnancy-safe practices. This way, you’ll avoid complications and get the full benefits and comfort from the massage. 

When to have a pregnancy massage 

You can find a midwife or specialist to do a first trimester massage for you. During and after the massage, you’ll feel some relief from aches and pains that have been bothering you for weeks. With this relief and comfort, you can have a bit of an easier transition in this period of rapid change in your body (and your whole life as you wait for your baby). 

If you have a specific concern such as back pain, you can tell that to the midwife or specialist. A specific course of massages will be done to address the concern while avoiding any complication. Again, make sure though that the one doing the massage knows all the pregnancy-safe practices. 

How often to get a pregnancy massage 

Expecting mums may get a prenatal massage once each week or month. You have to consult your doctor first though so you know the risks early on and what to avoid. There are cases when expecting mums should not get a massage (e.g. high risk of miscarriage, morning sickness). 

Review of the benefits of prenatal massage 

Once you’re sure that it’s safe to get a prenatal massage, during the session you might feel and experience the following: 

  • Relaxation and lower stress levels 
  • Lowered anxiety 

After the massage, you’ll also experience those along with the following: 

  • Better sleep 
  • Reduced pain in the back and legs 

Even if it’s just a temporary relief, a massage still does wonders in helping mums better cope with this new chapter in their lives. Also, getting a massage makes mums feel that they’re still getting a nice treat, which can help them realise that the journey doesn’t have to be all painful and uncomfortable. Getting a prenatal massage once each week or month can bring some comfort that mums deserve in this crucial transition in their lives. 

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