How Soon Can You Get a Massage After Giving Birth? 

Whether it’s within the first week or after a few months after giving birth, you can actually get a postpartum massage as soon as you want (consult your doctor first especially if you had a c-section or experienced a traumatic birth). 

Generally, postnatal massages are safe as long as you’re physically and emotionally ready and it’s done by an experienced professional. 

Benefits of a relaxing massage after giving birth 

Massage can help you relax and temporarily step back from the pressures in this new chapter of your life. Also, perhaps it’s the perfect time to give yourself a treat after several months of continuous pain and discomfort. In addition, for the past several months, you have been busy focusing on your pregnancy and your baby. 

But after giving birth, it’s time to put some time in and care for yourself. This can help you better cope emotionally as brand new challenges are sure to come out. Also, you deserve a quick break and a treat.  

For example, during a postnatal massage, you will experience a well-deserved break. The focus will be on your own relaxation, sensations, comfort and wellbeing. Whether it’s a 45- or 60-minute massage, you will experience the benefits both during and after the massage session. That’s because the stress-relieving and calming effect of the massage will linger for hours (or even throughout the day until bedtime). 

Also, there are scientific studies that support the claims about the benefits of postpartum massages. For instance, “an intervention involving back massage in the postnatal period significantly improved the quality of sleep” (link to the study). Also, massage therapy have positive effects on human biochemistry, such as a decrease in stress hormones and an increase in feel-good hormones. 

The benefits of massage have already been quantified and scientifically studied. Also, mums have been reporting that massages help them sleep better and get into a good mood. This better equips them in giving more love, attention and care to their newborns. 

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