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How Soon Can You Get a Massage After Giving Birth? 

Whether it’s within the first week or after a few months after giving birth, you can actually get a postpartum massage as soon as you want (consult your doctor first especially if you had a c-section or experienced a traumatic birth).  Generally, postnatal massages are safe as long as you’re physically and emotionally ready and

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How Do You Improve Your Sleep During Pregnancy? 

Even if you’re extremely tired and a bit drowsy, you might still find it hard to fall asleep. It could be because of the mild pain, discomfort and some worries about this new chapter of your life and the challenges ahead.  Improving your sleep during pregnancy  To help you fall asleep or go back to

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Why Does the Back Hurt During Pregnancy? 

Back pain is common during the early stages of pregnancy. This happens because while you’re pregnant, your ligaments stretch and become softer (your body’s natural way to prepare you for labour). This can put a strain on the joints of your pelvis and lower back. This strain causes the back pain you’re experiencing.  When to

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What Can a Pregnant Woman Do to Relax? 

To relieve stress and feel relaxed during pregnancy, here are some things you can do:  Talk with someone you trust  Talk with other pregnant women  Stay active and go for a walk every day  Keep a balanced and healthy diet  Let family and friends help you with cooking, shopping and other tasks  Have a massage

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Why is Pregnancy Massage Good?

Pregnancy massage helps mums:  Relax and improve their mood  Increase blood flow  Get a better sleep  Experience less pain in their legs and back  Better manage pain during labour  In other words, pregnancy massage helps mums feel good and better cope with this huge transition in their lives.  What happens during a pregnancy massage?  At

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How Often Should You Get a Pregnancy Massage 

If you’re planning to get a pregnancy massage, make sure that the massage therapist knows the pregnancy-safe practices. This way, you’ll avoid complications and get the full benefits and comfort from the massage.  When to have a pregnancy massage  You can find a midwife or specialist to do a first trimester massage for you. During

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