Baby Massage Classes for Parents Randwick

Nature begins ‘massage’ long before birth.

Touch is one of the first senses developed in a baby, way before you even hold them. Your unborn baby learns to respond to touch when the mother or partner rubs the pregnant belly.

Baby massage provides a way of communicating and bonding with your baby and helps you both relax. It’s an excellent skill to learn, and I love teaching it!

My classes focus on building cue-based communication between new parents and their baby.

In my small group classes, I give each parent the individual attention they need to learn how to learn from baby’s body language when giving a massage.

Baby massage techniques and topics covered include pressure, rate, rhythm, the length of massage, respect, bonding, why babies cry, baby’s body language, relaxation and increased parent confidence. touch is the most important form of stimulation a baby can experience and is a time of loving, gentle communication between parent and infant.

For many parents the greatest benefit may well be that infant massage promotes deeper sleep for their baby. . . and deeper sleep for a baby means better sleep for the parents.

There are some of the many other benefits of infant massage:

  • Increases bonding and communication with your baby
  • Helps with colic, wind pain, congestion & constipation
  • Promotes healthy and deeper sleep patterns
  • Promotes neurological and muscular development
  • Helps stimulate the immune system
  • Reduces stress hormone levels in both baby and parent

If you’d like to make an enquiry, you can do so on our enquiry form or by calling  0409 920 893.


$80.00 for 4 x 1 hour weekly sessions

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