Why Does the Back Hurt During Pregnancy? 

Back pain is common during the early stages of pregnancy. This happens because while you’re pregnant, your ligaments stretch and become softer (your body’s natural way to prepare you for labour). This can put a strain on the joints of your pelvis and lower back. This strain causes the back pain you’re experiencing. 

When to get medical help 

If your back pain is severe, contact your doctor right away. Also contact your doctor immediately if you’re experiencing any of the following: 

  • Back pain plus fever, bleeding from vagina and/or pain while peeing 
  • Backache plus pain somewhere under your ribs 
  • Back pain during your second or third trimester (could be early labour) 

Easing the pain 

If your back pain is severe or it’s causing you worry, contact your doctor right away. For mild and normal pain, many expectant mums do the following to somehow ease the pain and get comfortable: 

  • Getting a massage or warm bath 
  • Letting family and friends help you with your tasks 

Perhaps you’re getting too tired with your everyday tasks. These tasks, such as lifting light objects and carrying shopping bags, can put additional strain on your back. A bit of rest might instantly bring you relief from pain. 

Also, getting a massage can help you instantly relax and feel like you’re getting a treat. Aside from the pain relief, you’ll also get into a better mood and fall asleep easily because of a massage (this should be done by an experienced professional to ensure safety). 

Preventing back pain 

Although some back pain is inevitable and a normal part of pregnancy, it still helps to avoid it as much as possible for your safety and for your own baby. To accomplish this, you have to avoid doing tasks that put additional strain to your back as well as keeping your back supported. Some ways to do that are: 

  • Avoiding the lifting of heavy objects (ask someone else to do it for you) 
  • Avoiding the twisting of your spine when you turn (move your feet instead) 
  • Keeping your back straight and bending your knees whenever you pick something up from the floor 
  • Keeping your back well-supported and straight when sitting 
  • Balancing the weight of the two light objects (e.g. light shopping bags) you’re carrying with your hands (too much imbalance can put additional strain on your back) 

The key is to keep your back straight and with minimal strain whether you’re carrying out a task or just sitting and resting. This way, you can avoid some of the pain and discomfort that naturally comes with pregnancy. 


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